Roland Gatan


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Roland Gatan (GATFIT27)

NW Fitness Magazine Sponsored Athlete / Model

Altered Image Supplements Sponsored Athlete / Model

Roland , NW Fitness Magazine Sponsored Athlete / Model
Roland , NW Fitness Magazine Sponsored Athlete / Model

Member of NW Fitness Magazine:

Roland Gatan, NW Fitness Magazine  Athlete / Model Bio:

Date of Birth:

Competition experience: WA State Open, Emerald Cup

Hobbies: Outdoor activities, Body building, kayaking, camping. Tennis and traveling

Education: Computer

Career: Computer Hardware & Data Engineer


Weight: 150- 175

Supplements: Thermo Alert, Stamina Elite, Brotein

  • Thermo Alert for energy, appetite suppression, and to aid in fat loss.
  • Stamina Elite for cardiovascular endurance, recovery, mental focus & recovery.


Roland’s Gatan’s Nutrition / Contest Preparation Coach, Jeremy Williams.

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