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Tim Molenar
Outdoor Expert Advice and Product Review

Tim Molenaar, Outdoor Recreation Product Expert.

Tents Venting

Ever thought you had a leak in your tent? Don’t rush back and return your brand new tent because condensation has built up on the inside. This condensation is due to a lack of venting in the tent. To prevent condensation, make sure you have one of the windows or upper vents open.


Pulling too hard on the zipper of your tent could cause the zipper to break…so you think. Easy fix, take a pair of needle nose pliers and crimp the zipper mechanism back together. Your zipper will be like new in no time.

Death from snow buildup

According to experts, a buildup of snow on the outside of the tent can lead to death. The snow build up on the outside of the outside of the tent blocks the vents, not allowing exhaled C02 to escape out into the atmosphere. The occupants inside the tent re-breathe the CO2 causing a toxic level of CO2 in the blood. To prevent this, check the outside of the tent often and knock off any snow buildup. Taking this one bit of advice may save your life one day.

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