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Rex Broward - Pharmanex- Testing Nutrition
Rex Broward – Pharmanex- Testing Nutrition

We welcome you to Pharmanex/Health. The most scientifically validated health products in the world. At current count, there are 146,909 studies on oxidative stress! Pharmanex is introducing a product in November 2015 that will revolutionize the supplement industry. AgeLoc Youth is based on LifeGen Technology’s research into extending lifespan and improving health. In effect, they have figured out how to mimic caloric restriction (CR) through a particular nutrient blend. Independent studies show that CR directly affects gene expression to the magnitude of hundreds of genes by signaling such genes to function coming out of a state of dormancy. This means that the effects have direct anti-aging effects proven by science. AgeLoc Youth is a product developed utilizing the science behind CR and by the scientists who actually performed the original ground-breaking research. This is not another supplement….this is changing the game. No other company can even play in this arena as they do not have the research ability to work with gene expression. This is a product everyone should be on for obvious reasons! This is about using gene expression to improve health and prolong life. The science is irrefutable…we’ve conducted a full literature review on the topic of CR and this area of research is very exciting! Oxidative Stress…The Data: Research shows that chronic oxidative stress is THE silent killer. So many diseases are directly related to unchecked oxidative stress. Remember that free radicals damage lipids, proteins, mitochondria, DNA, RNA, and more. If we let this occur for too long, we end up with a far greater potential for a plethora of diseases. Most healthcare professionals treat conditions/diseases (secondary prevention) vs. working to keep you healthy (primary prevention). We need to be advocates for our health. ‘Are you healthy? How do you know?’ If you cannot answer this, you need to find out and the best way is through a Skin Carotenoid Scan (SCS) as determined by the literature! Do not bother taking a supplement of any kind unless you can validate that it is being absorbed. Do not take a supplement because your healthcare provider likes the brand yet cannot guarantee that they are even absorbing. We are not what we eat…we are what we absorb! There is no need to throw out money on ‘snake oil’ products that do not absorb. We need to use an objective criteria to assess carotenoid absorption of what we eat and supplement. The Raman Spectrometer IS that proven validation. Nobody else has this technology. Welcome to better health! STUDIES: A 2015 study in Food and Nutrition Research covers information about carotenoids and their effect on cardiovascular disease (CVD). Being carotenoids and antioxidants as a whole reduce LCL oxidation (which leads to vessel plaquing), it has become obvious that having adequate carotenoids are essential to proper heart health. A 2015 study in Vascular Pharmacology discusses essentially the other side of the study above. We know that carotenoids aid in reducing CVD. Well, this study discusses the effect of oxidative stress (excessive free radical production) on CVD. So, we have one study that shows that carotenoids aid in reducing CVD and one study that shows that oxidative stress is a cause of CVD. Any questions about the importance of your scan score? This is not about supplementing…it’s really about life quality issues! The final study covers a topic important to most all of us. The 2015 study from Nutrition discusses the importance of proper nutrient consumption for reduction of oxidative stress in the athlete. Where diet is insufficient, supplementation is acceptable. Well, being carotenoids are the biomarker for health and nutrition status, it is very important for the athlete to get scanned so that deficiencies can be identified and corrected. (To recover faster and achieve optimal performance, athletes need to have low levels of oxidative stress). We hope each of you find these newsletters to be of great benefit as they’re all about your health. Please also make a note of our website: were you can fill out a request form to get your antioxidant health score. We thank you for reading. Rex Broward

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