profile-Britani Campanoli

NW Fitness Magazine (2012)

Britani Campanoli

Birthdate Feb 15, 1985

Height 5’3

Competition weight around 110

Off season weight 130

Favorite cheat food Protein Pancakes


Training program I’m on team Bombshell and we like to keep it a secret 🙂 But I can tell you that I am  doing cardio 6 days a week and weight training 5 days a week.


Off season diet Momma Bombshell has me eating 6 meals a day with a cheat meal every saturday, My diet changes every 4 weeks.


Competition diet Off season and Competition Diet is pretty similar but with less carbs and fewer calories… another Bombshell secret


Comp history My first show was Washington State in 2010 and I won Overall. Two weeks later I went to Las Vegas to compete in the USA’s and placed 12th. Then I took a few months off and did the 2012 Emerald cup and placed 9th.


Competition goal Its been challenging because I’ve had to take a little bit of time off due to a back injury, but I plan to hit the stage sometime this year. I have been blessed to have made it on Team Bombshell and awarded a sponsorship with Max Muscle. Now that I have the tools I need, I feel like its going to be a successful year.

NW Fitness Magazine (2012)  Name Britani Campanoli
NW Fitness Magazine (2012)
Name Britani Campanoli