Fitness Model Photo Contest – Fitness Photography Art Gallery

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Fitness Model photo contest – Fitness Photography Art Gallery

Submit your online vote for your favorite fitness model image, from the selection below. Stop by the WA state fitness expo July 11th and 12th to view and vote for these photos on sight in the fitness art gallery display.

*Within the WA State Fitness EXPO July 11th-12th 2015

Washington State Fair Showplex Event Center*


Model: Tamara Miller

Photographer: Kam Wats and Steph Horrocks


Model: Alex Nelson

Photographer: Andrew Inaba


Model: Sharon Perriella

Photographer: Rob Sims


Model: Jeanne Peter

Photographer: Randy Peter


Model: Amber Wold

Photographer: Greg Cleaver


Model: Elena Zdjelar

Photographer: Rebeka Legovic


Model: Kat Petros

Photographer: Stephan Dunlap


Model: Justin Nejbauer

Photographer: Eric Wainwright


Model: Shannon Caton

Photography: Sarah Jackson


Model: Ciara Perez

Photographer: Ian McMillan


Model: Shane Kathireson

Photographer: Tri Nguyen