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GEAR 1 inov-8 – Bare-XFTM 210

Price: $120.00

Inov-8 is known for their innovative, beautiful and functional designs. The Bare-XFTM 210 keeps in step with a long legacy of great fitness shoes exceeding its predecessor by leaps and bounds. This lightweight minimalist shoe is designed with today’s Crossfiter in mind. From lifting weights to climbing ropes the Bare-XFTM 210 will help keep you in check. This is a serious shoe for those serious about their crossfit.

2 SKINS – A400 Men’s 2 Compression Long Tights Price $150.00

Increase your performance with the new SKINS A400 Compression Long Tights. Skins uses a dynamic gradient compression, which increase blood flow to active muscles. Allowing athletes to perform faster and longer than they could without. They not only increase performance but they decrease recovery time by helping reduce lactic acid build-up in muscles.

Beats – Dr Dre ibeat3s Price $196.00

Throw away your stock earbuds and upgrade to extraordinary HD audio. Not cheap but one try and you’ll never hear your music the same way again. 3


Polar – FT80 4 Strength Training Guidance Price $200.00

Heart Rates Monitors are a must have item for the fitness enthusiast. The Polar FT80 goes above and beyond by incorporating G1 GPS allowing for the accurate tracking of distances traveled. Syncs with Mac and PC devices.





Newton Running – Lady Isaac 1 Women’s Neutral Guidance Trainer Price: $149.00

A great shoe for all running levels. The Lady Isaac is mainly for those wanting to move comfortably and correctly into the realm of Natural Running.This shoe takes heel strikers and turns them into midfoot and forefoot strikers. Correcting technique not only improves efficiency it reduces injuries like achillies tendonitis and plantar fasciities.

SKINS – RY400 Women’s

Compression 2Long Sleeve Top for Recovery

Price $120.00


Polar – FT60 3 Weekly Training Program Price $149.95

The FT60 is another great heart rate monitor by Polar. Goes beyond a watch and acts more like a computer providing the user with constant feedback. Includes Polar Star personalized training program that adapts to you. Can include the G1 GPS sensor.


Are hard workouts leaving your upper body sore? Good news, Skins isn’t just for the boys. The RY 400 Long Sleeve Top for Recovery will get you back in the gym in no time. A tailored fit takes in account your height, weight and shape to give you the best compression and comfort.


Lo & Sons – The O.G. (Overnight 4& Gym)

Price $295.00

Going to the gym doesn’t mean you can’t be stylish. This iconoclastic bag by Lo & Sons breaks the mold. This spacious bag has room for a laptop and your gym shoes. When not being used at the gym it doubles as an Overnight. Water- resistant and lightweight.

Fitness accessories
Fitness accessories
Fitness accessories
Fitness accessories

Teeter Hang ups, inversion table
Teeter Hang ups, inversion table