MMA with Reese Andy

MMA with Reese Andy

Q1. For those that may not know, what is MMA and why is it so popular?

MMA stands for Mixed Martial Arts. Most of the world has competed in some sort of combat sport. People really like the rewards of one on one sports such as tai kuan do, wrestling, boxing, and kickboxing. MMA allows the average sized person to currently use the skills of a sport they once did.

Q2. Leading up to a fight, what would be your typical training routine?

My cardio and endurance work would be similar to the one I demonstrated in this interview. I study videos of my opponent and fine tune my technique. Spend considerable time improving my aerobic base.

Q3. Alternative workouts such as MMA training are growing in popularity. What benefits does MMA training have for the average Joe just trying to get in shape or find a fun and unique way to stay fit?

MMA is popular as a sport but even more popular as a means to just get in shape. More people train in MMA clubs just to get in shape. MMA training is a great way to improve strength, endurance and ones self defense skills with no intention to compete.

Q4. You train at West Coast Fight Team. What does your gym offer?

Sport shop, supplements such as Altered Image Supplements, sauna, weights, cardio, heavy bags, speed bags and plenty of mat space.

Q5. You are typically known as a “nice guy”. Yet in the ring you tormented your opponents. How did you change your mind set when preparing for a fight?

It is a skill that us practiced over time. It is very much fight or fligh. I mentally prepare myself prior to a fight by extreme focus and eliminating all outside thoughts.

Q6. What’s the craziest workout you have ever done?

Treading water in the deep end if a pool, five minutes on and one minute off. For a set if three. This simulates five three min rounds with one min rest.

Q7. What’s next for Reese Andy?

Possibly competing in the spring in another country.

MMA with Reese Andy
MMA with Reese Andy
MMA with Reese Andy
MMA with Reese Andy