NSC-National Speed skating Circuit

NSC-National Speed skating Circuit

Miguel Jose Owner/President What is the NSC?

Founded in May of 2009, the NSC brand is a professional inline speed skating organization that hosts competitions for the world’s best professional inline speed skaters. A typical event consists of action packed racing and edgy, fun- filled intermission entertainment. The events are tailored to all ages. There is a designated area for the beer garden for adults and up-close seating where the kids can enjoy the races.

What is the most prestigious event or title for Speed skaters?

Where are the competitions held?

Pattison’s West in Federal Way

At what age do most competitors

get involved with skating?

Speed skating is a sport that you can get involved in at any age, but just like anything else your chances of success are higher if you start at a young age. Most professional speed skaters started skating when they were anywhere from 6 to 10 years old.

What type of training do skaters take part in outside if the rink?

Well everyone has their own workout regiments based off of what they are training for; however most of us cycle, lift weights, and do plyometrics.

What speeds do these skaters

reach in a race?

When we race we compete on a 100m wooden track surrounded by cement walls. The surface is coated with a special urethane that helps our wheels to grip. Our only protective gear is a helmet and at top speed we reach up to 30mph. At these speeds on such a small track any little mistake can end disastrous. It’s not uncommon for a racer to hit the wall at full speed and break bones.

Is this an individual sport, or are

there team events as well?

Both for professional events it is an individual sport but on the amateur level we do individual events and relays. Think of us like a track meet on wheels except the speeds we reach are much


NWFITNESS 32higher and the possibility of wipeouts are limitless.

What do Skaters eat?

There isn’t really a specific diet for speed skaters like there would be for bodybuilding. Some of our athletes eat very healthy and some athletes eat impressively terrible.

What is your vision for the future of the NSC? Well we are only on our 3rd season and we have gained a lot of traction. A typical event has anywhere from 250 to 600 live spectators and our last internet broadcast had about 4000 viewers from 41 countries. For the near future we plan to go to a larger venue like the Key Arena or Showare center,

but in terms of overall vision our goal is to be one of the largest spectator sports. What makes speed skating very unique is there isn’t a certain body type, or ethnicity that dominates our sport. In the NSC you have racers that are 6’4” and racers that are 5’6”, you have racers that are Black, White, Asian, Indian, Hispanic etc. The sport is done on 5 continents with over 114 national governing bodies. It is part of every major games with the exception of the Olympics. It is truly an international sport. Out of growth and necessity we decided to professionalize it. The NSC is the only professional organization that exists for inline speed skating.

What is it like to wear full body


It sounds really funny when you

break down our sport and simplify it. Essentially what we do is wear spandex and race around in circles. I guess it sounds funny if you break down any sport. Wrestlers wear spandex and roll around on a matt hugging each other and basketball players run up and down a court bouncing a ball. I think you can’t really understand a sport until you see it. We very rarely have an event that doesn’t have a serious wreck, getting to see a racer crash into a wall at 30mph and shatter bones will make you will understand the seriousness of our sport.

NSC-National Speed skating Circuit  Miguel Jose Owner
NSC-National Speed skating Circuit
Miguel Jose Owner
NSC-National Speed skating Circuit  Miguel Jose Owner
NSC-National Speed skating Circuit
Miguel Jose Owner
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