ROCK TAPE By Dr Anthony Arreola

ROCK TAPE By Dr Anthony Arreola, D.C.

If you’ve noticed brightly colored tape on the shoulders, knees, or other body parts of professional athletes, you may have wondered what it is, what is does, and how you can get some. This tape is called kinesiology tape and is used by Chiropractors, Physical Therapists, and some Athletic Trainers to help stabilize joints and speed up the healing process of soft tissue injuries. Kinesiology is the study of the mechanics and anatomy of human movement

and their roles in promoting health and reducing disease. Rock tape is a brand of kinesiology tape that has become popular.

Rehabilitation for Musculo- Skeletal Injuries While in the healing phase of minor soft tissue injuries, it is important to maintain full range of motion of the joint. This will help limit scar tissue build up, speeding up recovery. Kinesiology tape enables the stabilization of a

joint injury without completely immobilizing the joint. Rock Tape can also be applied with tension to the skin, promoting blood flow. One of the most interesting uses for kinesiology tape is to speed lymphatic drainage by lifting the skin and significantly speeding up the drainage of edema (swelling).

Athletic Performance Kinesiology tape, if used correctly, can prolong muscle endurance by improving joint kinematics andefficiency. For example, kinesiology tape can be applied to Achilles tendons and Iliotibial bands (IT) in long distance runners. The tape is not going to make you an Olympic athlete over night, but may help shave a couple seconds off your best time, help you push out that extra rep, or prevent an injury.

White Athletic Tape Vs. Rock Tape White athletic tape is applied with compression and is used to limit joint motion. White tape is typically applied on a joint that is previously injured and is only worn for short periods of time. Kinesiology tape can be worn for three to five days, allows full joint range of motion, and increases blood flow.

Can I Apply Rock Tape Myself? Rock Tape has great instructional videos available on their web site to make the application of their product easier. For best results, a thorough understanding of proper muscle movement patterns, myofacial planes, muscle origin and insertions, as well as skeletal anatomy is needed. If you are not seeing results with kinesiology tape, see a certified Rock Doc health care provider, such as a Certified Physical Therapist or a Sports Medicine Chiropractic Physician.

For more information about Rock Tape, check out their website: Chirobody Chiropractic and Sports Medicine utilizes Rock Tape in conjunction with other therapies to help you perform at your best. Go to drchirobody. com for contact information or to make an appointment.

Dr Anthony Arreola, D.C.

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ROCK TAPE By Dr Anthony Arreola, D.C.
ROCK TAPE By Dr Anthony Arreola, D.C.


ROCK TAPE By Dr Anthony Arreola, D.C.
ROCK TAPE By Dr Anthony Arreola, D.C