The B Word by Linda Farrington

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The “B” Word

by Linda Farrington

We all say it way too often the infamous “B” word. It is the first thing that slips off our lips when asked, “How’s Life?”…”Oh Busy!” It never fails to rear its ugly head, Monday through Friday and for many of us the weekend too. The “B” word evokes negativity and in turn kills our spirit. In order to live better, healthier and happier lives, I say its time we erased that ugly word from our mental lexicon.


I’ve started to make that change myself. When asked, “How’s Life?” I make a conscience effort to NOT respond with the “B” word. However, its not enough to not just say the word. It must be stricken from our psyche; we have to understand that the “B” word is a state of mind.


My secret weapon in the battle with the “B” word, TAKE TIMEOUTS! It’s important to recharge and reconnect, by doing something either relaxing or something that is out of the ordinary. It’s important to take the initiative when we hit the wall emotionally to recharge our internal batteries. If we don’t unwind and cut loose we lose sight of our pursuits, happiness and our dreams. We feel less freedom of spirit and instead the “B” word takes over and we fall in sync with the rhythm of dullness.


I’m a single mom and I make the time. No excuses! Be the one that is the instigator of getting friends together. Give your friends a call a few days ahead or if you’re like me a few hours ahead. I have two sure fire ways to eliminate the “B” word mentality: The fly by the seat of your pants method (my favorite) and the planned method. I live more by the first one.


Fly by the seat of your pants:

Take a scenic Kenmore Air Floatplane Ride

Mt. Bike Duthie Hill near Issaquah

Hike Wallace Falls or Fragrance Lake

Rollerblade Alki beach or Centennial Trail

Catch a movie

Go to the library and take in a book or magazine

Massage Envy (usually can get an appointment in short notice) and they do facials!

Trip up North to a quaint town like Laconner, Whidbey Island’s Coupeville or Bellingham

Tip toe in the Tulalips in Mt. Vernon, they have a great Street Fair

Stay at a friends

Go to Day spa

Visit nearby towns and do some window-shopping

Catch a local comedy night

Check your local entertainment listings and get out!


Planned Getaways:

This doesn’t mean take a holiday in six months time. It means make a plan for a weekend getaway in the next few weeks or even days.

Just Go Anywhere. You will be a more productive and happier person for it.


So it’s time you shake lose the shackles of the “B” word and get in some much needed excitement. I just have two rules: Workouts don’t’ count and leave the Kids at home.

The "B" Word - by Linda Farrington
The “B” Word – by Linda Farrington
The "B" Word - by Linda Farrington
The “B” Word – by Linda Farrington